Spartan Pride,Harris Delusional & Other Stuff

Hello out there and welcome to my blog. If you are looking for award winning journalism you have come to the wrong place.This blog will usually consist of random thoughts about things that have been crossing my mind and hopefully yours.

They may be banged up,they may be ugly to watch, but the one thing about Michigan State basketball that can not be questioned is their toughness.  By advancing to the Elite 8 last night, the Spartans showed that once again you can never count them out in March.  Somehow Tom Izzo gets his guys to suck it up and play its most inspired ball when it matters the most.

Manny Harris deciding to enter the NBA after this season makes no sense at all. Most who know the draft a helluva lot better than I do, believe he will be a late second round pick at best. I guess if he wants to travel the world and get paid, more power to him. The again maybe he just wants to play for a coach who knows how to defend late game out-of-bounds plays.

Lets see, Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, who was once married to a porn star cheated on her. Hmm, porn star ex-husbands are always the settling down and faithful type aren’t they.

Having trouble falling asleep at night. I have a tip for you. Just watch Kwame Kilpatrick’s lawyer Michael Schwartz in action. How this guy ever won a jury trial is beyond me. Watching that guy work the other day was torture that human beings should never have to face.

I don’t know about you, but thank God the MLS settled their labor dispute.

Are the rumors of Donovan McNabb leaving Philadelphia getting a little bit overdone.  Seeing this crap on ESPN’s Bottom Line every five minutes is getting Favrelike.

Congratulations to HBO for cancelling Joe Buck Live. That could have been the worst show in HBO history.

Finally I want to thank everyone at 971 The Ticket for making me feel welcome. As many of you know I worked at The Fan for 14 years before being let go. I had a great time there, but am enjoying my new radio life here at 971 a great deal. Bill McAllister,Sara,Tony Ortiz,Theron,and Dan the call screener have made getting up early bearable. I want to thank all the listeners both long and short timers who have made the transition for me easier. I welcome all feedback  look forward to many years of interaction.


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